About Us

The Tanzania Truck Owners Association-TATOA is a voluntary business Association of Truck Owners involved in the Cargo Freighting business in and outside the United Republic of Tanzania emphasizing on Transit Transportation Trade facilitation within the SADC and Great Lakes region encompassing DRC (Katanga, North & South Kivu Provinces), Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, and South Sudan. Since its establishment in 2005 with only 25 members, TATOA has grown into a formidable Association of 962 committed members of the business community that foresee the road transportation sub-sector is becoming the number 2 contributor to the GDP. With policy improvements, regulatory and infrastructural working and operational environment the road transportation sub-sector is expected to become the number one contributor and foreign exchange earner for the country special thanks goes to the huge investments made by the truck owners who as members of TATOA have ownership of over 15,000 trucks.

Our Vision

To create the most efficient and reliable transportation sector in the sub-Sahara Africa.

Our Mission

To be a key player in promoting a safe, reliable and efficient road freight industry in the sub-Sahara Africa.