Why Be A TATOA Member?

Every transporter is ought to become a member of the association for proper recognition to the government and other monitoring authorities and statistical, also it is now one of the requirement from TRA that transit transporters needs to become members of the affiliated transport association before they obtain their transit licenses each year.


1. The association is a mouthpiece of all the members local and transit transporters because they both benefit the outcome.
2. The associations resolves matters on behalf of the each transporter by liaising with the government on matters pertaining transport operations on issues like customs issues,policies,laws and regulations and many other non tariff barriers that hinders a smooth transport operations.
3. Building networks among members through exposure with the outside world like in meetings, conference and other business gatherings with other stakeholders.
4. Building a good relationship with authorities and gain trust to facilitate transporters in a number of issues that lead to a smooth business operations, eg.traffic police,ministry of transport,ministry of east African cooperation,ministry of industry and trade,TPA,TRA,SUMATRA,ministry of finance.
5. Promoting our Port of Dar es Salaam and create business Opportunities to members of the association in east,central and southern African region.
6. Recognition in all parts of Africa makes our members become reliable and increase their credible presence in the market share.
7. The association is a tool for creating awareness and education through various use of modern technologies and standards for more efficiency and quality services being rendered.
8.TATOA being recognized by the Government of the united republic of Tanzania is a sign of trust among business community especially the transporter and this becomes easy to resolve things in a more scientific and professional way.
9. The association being also a member of other association like TPSF FERSARTA(federation of southern African road transport association has helped members.